June 20, 2009

seminggu dah kt skul..

sudah berada di ssp seminggu.
still in the holidays mood.
ble nk bukak buku..
bce satu page jew..
dh boring.
nk blik rumah lah..
npe suma org kt sini ckp bnde yg sme?
ble dh form 5..
suma ngade2 nk blk rumah..
mse form4 dlu x mcm ni pn..
maybe suma org x sbar nk kluar skul kot..
smlm pegi wind och kt picc..
ssp kalah..
again dpt saguhati 4 tha 2nd time.
maybe xde rezeki..
tkc menang 4 the 1st time..
that's why diorg brsorak gle..
mcm nk runtuh picc tue..
1st time lah katakan..
mse ssp kne announce saguhati pn tkc n sdar brsorak gle kt torg..
seronok lah ktorg kalah..
pdhal mse tue xckp pn lg diorg mng..
well..sas pun..bwh ktorg..still saguhati.
puas aty??dua2 dpt saguhati??
xyah nk gaduh2 dh..haha!!
biarlah crita tu.
after nie..
time to study.
tggl about 5 weeks more until trial.
this is really important to me..
i tringin nk dpt scholarship petronas..
i kne try harder nk dptkn bnde tue..
dorg ckp petronas slalu tgk trial kte..
so..pray 4 me lah..
next week my burfday!!
x sbar nk jd 17 secara rasminyer..
bru rse mcm dh btul2 f:5
that means i kne brubah jd lebih matang dr skrg..
n i nk jd seorg yg berjaya dlm hidup x kira dunia or akhirat..
i pn nk brubah jd seorg yg lebih berani dlm apa jua keadaan..
kejuruteraan kimia..that's what i'm gonna learn..
maybe going to university petronas or japan!!
skrg ni x mndi lg..
skul dh ade wireless..
so,dh x pyh gne broadband ija lg!!
nk g mndi dlu..

June 11, 2009

not in the mood :(

i don't know..
this week is very challenging to me..
not too many pressure..
but just something about "girl's things"..
my frens knew bout..
my nickname..
it hurts very much..
it happens evrytime i had this thing..
last time i felt it during exam..
it is mid year exam..
which is the results will be use for bicara akademik..
and i had it while i'm writing a Malay essay..
oh God!!..
i don't know what to do that time..
just pray for A1!!..
i'm doing my homework..
additional mathematics project work 2009..
i took some from asma..
i owe her a lot..
if u are reading this..
thanx very much ya!..
i'm mad with my dad..
tok wan sakit..
n i have to go back to Kedah..
my dad x ikut sbb he has something to do..
i blk with my mom n yong jer..
ble my dad nk blk..
i ask him to bring bck the notebook..
he did'nt..
he even said ..
"kt rumah pn x bwat"..
i kcil hati lah..
sbb ble i ade mood nk bwat..
dye x xfaham plak..
i'm running out of time..
it's wednesday beb!!..
i akn blk this sunday okay??
i x start satu pun..
i know it's my fault too..
sbb x bwat awl2..
but he have to understand me jgk..
n until today..
i still mad with him..
i don't talk to him much..
n make some face..
i don't know..
i really can't look at him right now..
i ask him to get me a new spec..
n he did'nt too!!..
he always nver had a time for me..
that is why he makes me evn mad..
tulat i da nk blk..
sempat ke??
nk bli brg2 lg..
i don't know..
n i don't know how to talk to him..
with my unbalance hormone..
he's getting on my nerves..
maybe i shoul forget this..
n try to be nice to him..
smbg kerja add maths tue..
see ya..