January 12, 2010

Love is in the air...

today is the 2nd day i went to cosmopoint college.
i'm taking multimedia course.
yesterday was the first and i had a class with Pn. Farha..
today...12 January 2010.
i had a class with Mr. Lim on web designing and IT class with Pn. Yati.
i was a little bit late as i came into the lab after Mr. Lim.
but for sure is he did not start the class yet.
at first i think it would be quite boring as he couldn't speak malay fluently..
he asked the class that should he teach us in english..malay..or both..
but nobody answer him..
i just smile coz i don't mind..(and because nobody answer him)
the he asked us to have an introduction session..
everybody was talking in malay and when it is my turn..
i introduce myself in english..
i don't plan to speak in english but....it just came out..
after about 2 hours of our class..i found out that he is a funny guy..
i don't know why but i kept smiling and laughing all by myself..
i love his style and he is too cute to become a lecturer..
he should be a model i think..
and now i'm writing this coz i can't forget him..
keep thinking about his word and his subject and him..
according to izza..